Welcome to Pangea Fossils Ltd. Pangea Fossils is a wholesale fossil company specializing in full dinosaur skeletons, dinosauria, Mammoth tusks as well as all world class fossils.

All Pangea’s fossils are prepped to the highest standards and everything is legally acquired and accompanied with iron clad provenance. In addition to the incredible Cretaceous dinosaurs I can provide you with, my Jurassic collection is second to none! Pangea Fossils recently completed the world’s most complete Othneliosaurus. The mount is one of the finest I have ever done. This will be proudly seen in one of the top NH museums in North America.

Please also make sure to contact me regarding all your dinosaur needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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**Please understand that ALL the fossils on my site are recent examples of my work, these fossils have all found homes. But if there is something that catches your eye please ask what we have or what we are working on that may be similar**

Enjoy the site, the science and the amazing fossils we prepare for your enjoyment!!